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6 DVD w/ 18 hours of classic WCCW
Published on June 11, 2006 By MythicalMino In Sports & Leisure
I bought a 6 DVD set (18 total hours) of WCCW....below is what is on the dvd's. I am pretty excited about getting these, as I have been looking for WCCW dvd's for awhile now.


Classic Wrestling . 6 DVD's. 18 total hours of jam packed action from 1985/'86.
1. Jimmy Garvin vs Mike Von Erich 2. Michael Hayes + Terry Gordy vs Missing Link + Kamala everyone comes in + brawls Freebirds jump Von Erichs 3. Freebirds vs Missing Link, Kamala + Super Destroyer #2 4. Kevin + Mike Von Erich vs Buddy Roberts + Kiniski Kerry + Hayes go at it 5. Buck Zumhoffe vs Buddy Roberts 6. Kerry Von Erich video "eye of the tiger" 7. Jimmy Garvin vs Chris Adams Texas State U wild pull-a-part brawl before match with Precious + Sunshine 8. Butch Reed vs Chick Donovan Parade 1 9. Michael Hayes + Terry Gordy vs Kevin + Mike Von Erich Texas State U Parade of Champions 1 (10-12) 10. JYD vs Missing Link 11. Freebirds vs Fritz, Kevin + Mike Von Erich (Badstreet Match)(6 man title change) Hayes is a bloody mess 12. Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich (NWA World title change) 13. Killer Kahn vs Tony Torres 14. Super Destroyers vs Iceman King Parsons + Buck Zumhoffe (American Tag Title change) from Parade 1 15. Gino Hernandez vs John Mantell 16. Kevin Von Erich vs Michael Hayes Gordy + Kahn destroy Kevin 17. Iceman + Chris Adams vs Terry Gordy + Killer Kahn 18. Killer Kahn vs Pat Rose 19. Gino Hernandez vs Iceman King Parsons 20. Kerry, Kevin + Mike Von Erich vs Freebirds (Badstreet) Ft Worth bloody brawl for vacant 6 man belts 21. Kerry Von Erich interview at a gym 22. Kerry Von Erich vs Gino Hernandez 23. Freebirds interview in a parking lot pissed off 24. Kevin Von Erich vs Killer Kahn Hayes jumps both guys great 25. Michael Hayes + Buddy Roberts vs Mike Von Erich + Chris Adams 26. Buddy Roberts vs Chief Jules Strongbow 27. Gino Hernandez vs Mike Von Erich (American title change) 28. World Class video w/ all the stars 29. Bill Irwin + Mike Von Erich go at it 30. Terry Gordy vs Killer Kahn out of control brawl Irwins + Freebirds pull-a-part brawl 31. Kerry Von Erich vs Terry Gordy (Lumberjack) Kahn attacks Gordy + everyone brawls 32. Gino interview 33. Kevin Von Erich vs Gino Hernandez Stella Mae French jumps Gino 34. Chris Adams + Sunshine vs Jimmy Garvin + Precious Parade 1 35. Chris Adams vs Bill Irwin 36. clip Flair vs Gino Stella Mae French jumps Gino/clip Gino winning American title back from Mike Von Erich because of Nicola Roberts/Freebirds video/Gino interview 37. Gino Hernandez vs Kerry Von Erich Stella Mae tries to get to Nicola 38. Jake Roberts + Chris Adams heel interview 39. Jake + Adams vs Jules Strongbow + George Wengroff 40. Mike Von Erich video/Gino/Jake Roberts/Adams interviews 41. Kevin + Mike Von Erich vs Jake Roberts + Gino Hernandez

1. Mike Von Erich + Stella Mae vs Gino Hernandez + Nicola Roberts cotton bowl 2. Buddy Roberts vs George Weingrof 3. clip Flair + Kerry brawling/poolside with Gino Hernandez 4. Gino Hernandez vs Jules Strongbow Gino + Kerry go at it before 5. Kevin Von Erich + Chris Adams vs Terry Gordy + Killer Kahn Roberts + Kerry run in 6. Jake Roberts + Gino Hernandez vs Billy Jack Haynes + Mike Von Erich 7. Ric Flair vs Terry Gordy from Sportatorium 8. Jake Roberts breaks Mike Von Erich rookie of the year award + Mike goes crazy 9. Jake Roberts vs Mike Von Erich 10. Chris Adams fires Gary Hart/clip Flair vs Adams where Gino helps Adams but One Man Gang attacks/Gary Hart interview 11. Midnight Express vs Fantastics 12. Chris Adams vs Brian Adias One Man Gang comes in 13. Kerry + Kevin Von Erich vs Gino + Chris start of their feud 14. Gino + Chris at a car dealership 15. highlights Gino vs Brian Adias (2/3 falls) full 3rd fall (Texas title change) Gino + Chris jump Adias + cut away at his hair 16. Kerry Von Erich vs Gino Hernandez Kevin + Chris brawl all the way outside wild 17. Chris Adams vs Scott Casey Gino + Chris cut away at Casey’s hair 18. Gino + Chris vs Kerry Von Erich + Brian Adias 19. Gino + Chris vs Kerry + Adias 20. clip Kerry + Kevin cutting away at Chris’ hair/Chris Adams interview 21. Brian Adias vs Gino Hernandez 22. Chris Adams vs Kevin Von Erich (Gino caged) madness breaks out after 23. Gino + Chris vs Kerry + Kevin (American Tag Titles held up) Cotton Bowl (24-31) 24. Von Erich’s ride through the stadium Mike fresh out of the hospital 25. Scott Casey vs Tim Brooks 26. Fantastics vs Tim Brooks + Dave Peterson Sunshine tries to get to Missy 27. Great Kabuki vs Mark Lewin Scott Casey saves Kabuki then Kabuki attacks him + Sunshine 28. Tommy Madison vs Killer Kiniski 29. Brian Adias vs Jack Victory 30. Iceman King Parsons vs One Man Gang (Taped Fist) 31. Mike, Fritz + Lance interview 32. Kerry + Iceman vs OMG + Lewin (Texas Tornado) OMG tries turns on Gary Hart + goes at it with Lewin 33. Kerry + Kevin vs Gino + Chris (Hair vs hair) from Cotton Bowl 34. Kevin vs Chris 35. Gino + Chris vs Iceman King Parsons + Brian Adias

1. Mike Von Erich interview Gino + Chris attack Lance makes the save. Gino Hernandez vs Lance Von Erich Thanksgiving Day 3. Grappler + Missing Link vs Dave Peterson + Johnny Mantell 4. Lance Von Erich vs Tim Brooks 5. Rick Rude vs Iceman King Parsons 6. One Man Gang vs Kamla brawl 7. Brian Adias vs Jack Victory 8. John Tatum + Missy Hyatt vs Scott Casey + Sunshine (Cage) Kabuki attacks everyone 9. Kerry + Kevin vs Gino + Chris (Cage)(Gordy + Adias are refs) Gordy gets involved the whole time resparking the Freebird - Von Erich feud Gino + Chris win held up American tag titles Christmas Day (10-14) 10. Kabuki + Grappler vs Brian Adias + Iceman 11. Rick Rude vs Lance Von Erich 12. John Tatum + Missy Hyatt vs Scott Casey + Sunshine 13. Gino vs Montana Adams runs in + jumps Gino 14. Freebirds vs Kerry, Kevin + Lance Von Erich 15. Freebirds in a pool hall 16. Gino + Chris vs Kerry + Kevin from Reunion Arena where Adams decks Gino X-Mas 17. Gino + Chris argue then go at it/Gino/Chris Adams interviews 18. Kerry Von Erich vs Terry Gordy Hayes + Roberts come in after + challenge Kerry so Lance comes out + chases them off 19. Midnight Express vs Fantastics 20. Freebirds Badstreet video 21. Michael Hayes + Buddy Roberts vs Lance Von Erich + Iceman King Parsons Freebirds attack everyone + Kerry is forced to sub for Lance 22. Hayes + Roberts vs Iceman + Mark Youngblood 23. famous Michael Hayes/Kerry Von Erich/ref David Manning interviews about Gino Hernandez’s death/blinded Chris Adams interview/Gino + Chris video 24. Kevin Von Erich vs Chris Adams from late 84 total bloody brawl 25. Fantastics vs El Diablo + Kiniski Cotton bowl 84 26. Stella Mae French vs Nicola Roberts Thanksgiving 84 27. Freebirds destroy Kerry + Kevin Von Erich classic 28. Freebirds interview 29. Gino + Chris vs Adias + Youngblood 30. Iceman + Scott Casey vs Missing Link + Kabuki Link goes crazy + kidnaps Sunshine 31. Chris Adams interview 32. Missing Link vs Buddy Roberts 33. Freebirds interview 34. Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin + Buddy Roberts vs Kerry, Kevin + David Von Erich 35. Freebirds video 36. Michael Hayes vs Lance Von Erich Roberts + Kerry run in 37. famous Bruiser Brody - Terry Gordy brawl all over the arena 38. Freebirds jump Mike + little Chris Von Erich Kerry runs in + goes ballistic 39. Michael Hayes - Fritz Von Erich debate great 40. Michael Hayes + Terry Gordy vs Kerry Von Erich + Bruiser Brody brawl 41. Hayes vs Great Kabuki 42. Missing Link + Lance Von Erich vs John Tatum + Buddy Roberts 43. Hayes vs Bruiser Brody Gordy runs in 44. Great Kabuki vs Youngblood 45. Missy Hyatt throws a cake in Sunshine’s face.

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