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PC Miniatures Game
Published on August 2, 2006 By MythicalMino In Gaming

Hey, guys....you all (that are interested in miniatures PC games) should check that link out....VERY interesting game. It is a collectible "miniatures" pc game....

I got 2 starter sets last night, played a couple of games, had a lot of fun. The game was just released yesterday, also. It is tactical combat, with a pretty cool range of Champions (your soldiers), spells, relics, and equipment (like shields, swords, and axes that give different bonuses to stats or special abilities). Also, another cool thing is how your Champions can "level up". They gain experience throughout the fight, and after the fight, if they have enough xp, they can level up their attack, or defense, speed, or hitpoints....

The game client itself is free (at least right now). The game client comes with 3 pre-built "decks". These decks cannot be edited, though....and you will not be able to level up any of the champions in those decks though. A "deck" is made up for 20 "runes". No more, no less. A starter deck comes with 30 runes (which includes various Champions, Relics, Spells, & Equipment), and costs $8.49. A booster pack has 10 runes, and costs $2.99.

The graphics are not too bad....and the "pieces" reminds me very much of HeroScape. Also, with how the pieces have special abilities, the game feel reminds me of HeroScape. I am sure, though, that other miniatures games are similar.

Anyways....very interesting game....so you all should check it out.


on Aug 03, 2006
Here is a link to a gameplay video: http://bohle.fileburst.com/PoxNora.mov

I am enjoying the game quite a bit, actually....I have played 3 games, and have won one of those games.