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Published on October 30, 2005 By MythicalMino In PC Gaming
can anyone explain to me the ins-and-outs of religion in the game?

I understand that if you have a certain religion in your city, you can build more temples and stuff to help with happiness, research....

but, what else is there? diplomacy? I can understand that also.

What are the benefits of changing my state religion from say, Hinduism....to say....Jewish? Or, if another religion makes its way into my nation...changing to that religion? I am not sure why I would....espeically when Hinduism has been my state religion for so long.

If Confucionism is the largest religion in the world (4 nations have it as their state religion), would it be smart to change to Confucionism as quickly as possible? Why/why not?

Religion, even though i get slivers of understanding of how/why it works, I am still stumped on the concept....


on Oct 31, 2005

Think of Religion as good for diplomacy and your own people. On the domestic side, the more religions you have in your cities makes people happier under certain Civics (this is without even having built any temples yet). In terms of diplomacy, you get a bonus to your exchanges with other civilizations who's state religion matches your own. That generally means they'll be friendlier towards you, offer you better deals, and not declare war on you (note that all that can be offset by other factors).

I'm still getting the hang of it myself, but based on the manual and gameplay, that's what I've gleaned so far.

on Oct 31, 2005
It also helps when cities are on the edge and about to revolt and join your Grand Empire. If they happen to match your state religion, I guess they feel more welcome or whatever. Additionally, if you're the one who founded a given religion, you can build the great temples/churches of that faith in the founding city. Huge happiness and culture bonuses for that one.

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on Oct 31, 2005
hey, i am game.....

it is now 1650 AD, and i just eliminated my first civilization...the Chinese....

I understand religion in the game....but sometimes, things get muddled in my mind. I guess I was getting confused the difference between a state religion, and founding a religion.

I founded Hinduism (along with Judaism)....my state religion is Hinduism. At the moment, Confucionism is the largest religion in the world, with either 4 or 5 nations having it as their state religion. I was thinking that if i took Confucionism as my state religion, I would lose the benefits of the other(s). But, I now understand that that is not the case.

I also understand that taking Confucionism as my state religion would most likely solidify my place with those other nations that do have it.

I think....