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What the Wrestling World has waited for...
Published on July 22, 2006 By MythicalMino In Sports & Leisure
Let the Wrestling World Tremble…The Titans Cometh….

Pro Wrestling ICON (PWI) is the new wrestling promotion, being run by Mythical Promotions. The “Titans of the Sport” are assembling to wage war for the PWI World, Tag, US and the prestigious specialty title, the Wrestling Heritage Title (a Best 2/3 Falls Championship Belt).

The initial roster of the PWI includes the greats of the ring:

Harley Race, Johnny Valentine, The Destroyer, Killer Kowalski, Giant Baba, Frank Gotch, Buddy Rogers, Nick, Bockwinkel, The Road Warriors, The Valiants, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, Ted DiBiase & Virgil, The Flying Red Heads, Iron Mike DiBiase & Bob Orton, Sr., The Regulators (D. Hutton & Bob Orton, Jr.), The Strip Club (Buff Bagwell & Brutus Beefcake), Bobo Brazil, Greg Valentine, Ox Baker, King Kong Bundy, Gorgeous George, The Sandman, Jimmy Snuka, Playboy Buddy Rose.

Initial Mangers include:

Cherie Dupre (accompanies Gorgeous George), Paul Ellering (manages the Road Warriors), and Nikita Breznikov (manages Iron Sheik & Volkoff)

The opening show will consist of 3 tournaments. The PWI World, PWI World Tag Team, and the PWI United States titles will all be decided in single elimination tournaments, with the PWI Wrestling Heritage title being awarded at a later date. The name of the opening SuperCard will be: Genesis: In the Beginning…

Be on the lookout for the greatest assembly of wrestling stars the universe has ever known!! Pro Wrestling ICON is coming soon!!!

Here is my "schedule" for PWI...

Pro Wrestling ICON (PWI) Tour Schedule

1. The Rumble Tour

Rumble in the Bronx – Royal Rumble with winner getting a title shot at WrestleMania

2. The Road to WrestleMania Tour

WrestleMania – 2nd biggest show of the year

3. The Survival of the Fittest Tour – emphasis on Survivor 3+ man tag team matches

Survivor Series – All matches are Survival Matches

4. The Super 8 Tour

SuperClash – normal supercard

5. The Heritage Tour – Each World Title Defense is Best 2/3 Falls, also the Wrestling Heritage title is defended on every card

MatClassic - Massive singles 2-day double elimination tournament (every match is a Best 2/3 Falls) for a title shot on 2nd day

6. Great American Bash Tour - 9 big shows…title matches, grudge matches, you name it.

7. The Ring Lords Tour

The Lord of the Ring – 8-man single elimination tournament

8. Hot August Nights Tour

SummerSlam – normal supercard

9. The Road Rage Tour - Heavy on the Grudge Matches.

Rage in the Cage – 8-man cage match tournament

10. The Fall Brawl Tour

Monsters of the Mat (always on Halloween Night) – 8-team single elimination tag team tournament

11. The Tag Turmoil Tour - The tour places a greater emphasis in tag matches than singles matches.

The Sophie Filsinger Memorial Cup Tag Team Tournament - Big tag team tournament

12. The Stars Collide Tour

Starrcade - The biggest show of the year.

Championships sanctioned by PWI:

PWI World Championship

PWI World Tag Team Championship

PWI United States Championship

PWI World Television Championship

PWI Wrestling Heritage Championship (Best 2/3 Falls Title)

Each tour consists of four "A" shows and four "B" shows (with the “A” show being the weekly “arena” show, and the “B” show being the weekly “Studio Show”, and ending with a supercard (except for the Great American Bash tour, which will be like a Supercard each card). Each tour is four "weeks", consisting of an "A" show (5-8 matches held on “Mondays”) and a "B" show (4-7 matches held on “Saturdays”).

The *general* rule on titles is that the World and Tag Team titles are defended once per tour (never on the B show), and on the supercard, while the U.S. & Wrestling Heritage Titles will defended twice per tour (usually on the A tour, and sometimes main eventing the B show) and on the supercard. The Television title is defended every "week” on the B show.

Here is the link to the ICON website...don't expect too much right now, it is only in its infant stage...


(NOTE: This is a "federation" using Filsinger's Games Legends of Wrestling. The link to LoW is http://www.filsingergames.com/legendsofwrestling.htm )

on Jul 22, 2006
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