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Like an old friend....in a new way
Published on September 30, 2006 By MythicalMino In Gaming
So, I got a "come back and try us for free" invitation for this game. I had it way back about a year or two ago....forget exactly.....but anyways....I have resubscribed here and there, but never really gave it the time of day past the first month when I bought it originally (I think the problem I always had was.....never could settle on what I wanted to play as....too many choices!!)

Anyways....after a few days of debating, I have settled on an Iksar Shadowknight. For those of you who do not know....an Iksar is a mean lizard...I have always liked their looks....reminds me of the Trandoshans in Star Wars....anyways....a Shadowknight is the opposite extreme of a Paladin. Steel and Magic....just my kind of mix!! (When I played before, I had a Barbarian Paladin...actually got him to level 25).

Well...needless to say....I am hooked at the moment. I am really enjoying the experience. SOE has changed quite a bit (and to the better). Lots of new changes...little things that really matter. Things that are hard to really point out in a message board post....but things that add up and just...well, make the game better.

I guess the bigger news is....they have released 2 expansions, and 3 adventure packs....and a 3rd expansion is on the way. The two expansions (I believe the game has been out about 2 years now....) are pretty good, from what i can tell. The first one, Desert of Flames, adds a desert (imagine that). The theme is based loosely on Arabian Nights meets Elves & Orcs. The 2nd, Kingdom of Sky, adds islands WAY up in the atmosphere....where Dragons rule. The third expansion, which comes out in November, is Echoes of Faydwer, and it adds a new race (The Fae) and a ton of new content...and it is pushed for levels 1-70 (the other two expansions are focused more on higher level content). Also, to mention this....Echoes of Faydwer, if you buy retail from a store....will come with EQ2 Core, along with the other 2 expansions. So, you will be getting EQ2, Desert of Flame, Kingdom of Sky, and Echoes of Faydwer.

Like I said, lots have been changed...plenty of new stuff has been added throughout...including 3 "Adventure Packs". These packs add new content, in the way of new zones, weapons, items, and stuff like that....along with new quest(s). The first, The Bloodline Chronicles, is about a Vampire lord rising to power in....the 2nd, Splitpaw Saga, is about the gnolls causing all kinds of trouble....and the 3rd, Fallen Dynasty, adds a new island, and is based in the Orient. That is the one I am most looking forward to, by the way....Samurai-type armor, here I come!!

Other things have been added...in the Kingdom of Sky expack....Acheivement Awards have been added. From what I can gather, once you reach level 20, you can start to earn AA's, which lets you customize your characters skills, and specialize in certain areas. For example....my paladin could focus more on two-handed swords....or a mage could focus on a certain type of magic. If this is indeed the case, then I am totally sold. I have always thought that my main complaint with these games, and the one major flaw with EQ2 (which kept me away from the game, and forced me to stop playing to begin with nearly 2 years ago) was that every level 25 Paladin seemed like the same character running around. If these AA's work like I think they do, then that problem is solved.

In EQ2, there are quests (of course)....adventure....but there is also Tradeskilling, or, crafting. Supposedly SOE has changed how crafting works...I hope so, because it was very confusing before (at least to me). I have not done anything yet with crafting, but today, I plan on checking it out.

Like I said, SOE has been on top of things...they seem to have a plan for what they want to do, and they are pursuing it. They are fixing things, adding things, and not letting it fall through the cracks and letting the game die (like they did with Star Wars Galaxies....). I am impressed so far with what they have done, and what they plan on doing....If I stick around long enough (I plan to), I will be purchasing the Echoes of Faydwer expack, that comes with all the others, and just have fun......the game is fun....solo content has been INCREDIBLY added at an INCREDIBLE amount...which always helps....

Overall, I am enjoying the game....so if any of you are thinking about trying it out....check it out....there is also the free Trial of the Isle....If you do try it, and you like it, or, if you have, and wanna try it again, I am on the Vox server....let me know, and maybe we can hook up for some slaying of Orcs (or Gnolls, or whatever esle is out there).

Sorry for such a long post, but, I wanted to discuss what all has been added that I can think of....

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