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Published on May 13, 2007 By MythicalMino In Personal Computing
I have been having problems with quicktime. Quicktime simply will not work anymore for some reason on my pc.

Whenever a webpage loads up with something on there that uses quicktime, the movie does not load up. If I have a program that uses quicktime, the program crashes, with the typical (but with no info) message that the program has encountered a problem, and must close.

I have tried to uninstall quicktime (so I can do a fresh reinstall), but instead, I get this message:

"QuickTime Streaming Authoring failed to load because the versions of QuickTime Streaming and QuickTime Streaming Authoring do not match"

any ideas at all???

Hopefully, someone will know....



on May 13, 2007
forum bump?
on May 13, 2007
try this one WWW Link this is quicktime alternative it does all the things quick time does but with out the BS
on May 13, 2007
Mythical.....Ive been having the same problem with quicktime for months now! What browser do you use? I use firefox, yet IE seems to work fine! ive tried updating, uninstalling and reinstalling all to no avail!
on May 14, 2007
It was caused by a defective install of quicktime. I followed this link, did what was offered as tips, and then installed quicktime alternative, and now it works fine.

Here is the link: http://forums.techguy.org/all-other-software/461336-cant-uninstall-quicktime.html